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FANTASTIC Opportunities for ADI's


Would you like to diversify your business and deliver the new & exclusive


BTEC Learner Driver Training Programme?


If so, we would like to invite you to become a Member for ONLY £12 per Month!


  The BTEC Learner Driver Training Programme consists of:

·         BTEC Level 1-Safe Road Skills & Attitudes

·         BTEC Level 2-Demonstrate Safe Car Driving

       Please note - a fee of £39.95 per BTEC Level 1 qualification is payable and a fee of £44.95 per BTEC Level 2 qualification in order to register your learners with Pearsons - You can retail these courses at whatever you feel to be appropriate!


 BTEC Level 1 – Safe Road Skills & Attitudes.

The BTEC Level 1 is targeted at learners between the ages of 16-17 years (pre provisional licence).

The programme is designed to prepare new drivers before learning to drive focusing on the following outcomes:

·         Preparing for a safe journey by road

·         Maintaining own and others safety in relation to vehicles


(The BTEC Level 1 can be also delivered to learners from the age of 14 years and onwards in a school setting.)


Once your learners have passed the Level 1 qualification and hold a Provisional licence they can complete the second part of the programme:


BTEC Level 2 – Demonstrate Safe Driving.

The BTEC Level 2 is targeted for learners between the ages of 17-21 years who hold a provisional licence.

This programme is designed to focus on the practical elements of driving in a safe manner along with the knowledge and understanding of the following learning outcomes:

·         Demonstrate safe driving


Insurance Discounts & ADI Benefits

On completion of the BTEC Level 2 qualification, your learners will receive a 15% discount on their car insurance premium with Adrian Flux.

A £40 referral fee is paid to ADI’s  when learners take out car insurance with Adrian Flux.


Membership Information (There is no contract to sign)

Membership covers:

Accreditation to deliver the programme

Searchable webpage that can be linked to your own website

Access to member’s area for all BTEC files



For further details of how to become a member of Any Driver Ltd please email: info@anydriver.co.uk