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Advanced Learning Loan Facility

 Are you interested in advancing your career? If YES! taking out an Advanced Learner Loan will enable you to achieve your goals.


Whether you're unemployed and seeking employment or self-employed/employed and looking for a change, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain the necessary qualifications to either change or advance your career without having to make an initial financial outlay!


​You can apply for up to 4 loans - you can have more than 1 loan at a time, and you must be aged 19 or over on the first day of your course. Although no credit check will be required, there are other eligibility criteria that apply - Please contact us for further information.


You only need to repay the loan (plus interest) when you finish your course and earn more than £25,000 per year. Should your earnings drop below £25,000 per year your repayments will stop.


Your annual repayment will be 9% of any income you earn over £25,000.


For example, your repayments would be:

£15 per month if you earn £27,000 per year

£37 per month if you earn £30,000 per year

Please contact us for further information.


We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.